Recently we had a little bit of down time with the server.

We decided to move to dedicated hosting to provide more up time on the server.
Here's what we have:

1Gbps Link
Intel i3 - 2130
2x 1TB SATA2 Drives Raid-1
NIC - GigaEthernet
3 fail over IP addresses 

If you are having any difficulties with the server, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email:

Waroz Server Video:

xXsilentminerXx My internet was down
Andonandopando Has anyone seen silent lately? He haven't been on in a while....
WaroZ has created a new spawn on a completely new world, if you have been on the old world ask xiCHEEKx to move your home to the new world. if you spawn in the new world type /spawn and it will take you to the new spawn  not the old one.

A great thanks to all the members and staff that helped make the new spawn it looks AMAZING!

All new shop items:
- Selling glitch prevented
- able to buy Enchantments for amour sword etc.
- able to sell your exp for money
- less made items/ blocks can be sold from the shop to prevent more further selling glitches.

Image of the new spawn:

kaitebug13 A larger store would be the best. And actually being able to raid would be nice :}
HutchBrahh96 i just love how you copied my section from News & Announcements and pasted it on the Home page and added a picture a ...
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WaroZ has reached a new record of 150 registered users today!
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